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Rising Earth

Changing the world... one step at a time.

I maintain the aboutmyjob community. I invite you to check it out and share your thoughts on what it really means to do the job that has your job title. Students forming their career paths may then gain valuable insight into the often overwhelming -- and often non-descriptive -- possibilities. Thanks in advance for participating!

I also maintain the mybirthday community, in an effort to bring together people whose birthdays are on the same day.

And I maintain the zero_impact community. If you know of ways to minimize or erase the damage done to the Earth by us humans, please join in and share your thoughts. Changes in lifestyle or new production techniques are just a few aspects of this difficult but interesting problem.

My ongoing goals are to better understand myself, to shape my idea of what it means to be a good human being, and to relate to other human beings in an unconditional way. Oh, and as a direct effect of all this, make the Earth healthy again, and an enjoyable place to live.

Here are some interesting links that reveal a little bit of what I stand for: